Information Regarding Legacy Internet Policies, Terms, Conditions and Fees

Fees Disclouse Statement:

All LEGACY INTERNET Services are also subject to additional fees, including, but not limited to an unreturned Equipment fee, insufficient funds fees, late fees, and reconnect fees as set forth below.  These fees are subject to change at any time.

Carrier and Federal USF Recovery Fee - The federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) is a federal fund that ensures the availability of affordable communications to underserved populations.  The FCC’s FUSF program aims to preserve and advance universal access to telecommunications and internet services in rural and high cost areas. Specific beneficiaries of the FUSF are low-income residential customers, libraries, and schools as well as consumers and healthcare providers in rural America. Any entity providing telecom and/or VoIP services within the United States must contribute to the fund in addition to federal, state and local regulatory fees and taxes - This fee will vary customer to customer as it is a percentage of your total monthly bill

Paper Invoice Fee - Applies if you have a physical paper invoice mailed to you - $2.00 per month

Insufficient Funds/Returned Check Fee - Applies if you have a returned paper or ACH/Echeck - $10.00 per returned payment

Late Payment Fee - If your payment is more than 10 days past your bill due date - $5.00

Unreturned Equipment Fee - This includes the radio antenna, router, extender pods, ONT and all associated power supplies - Up to $500.00 depending on unreturned equipment


If you are unsure of whether any contemplated use or action is permitted or have any questions in regards to fees, please contact Legacy at: or call (866) 866-9986.