Legacy Internet Smart Whole Home Wi-Fi

Boost your home's wireless speed

What Is Whole Home Wifi?

A whole home wifi system, also known as a mesh network is an easy solution to improving wifi speeds and extending signal quality throughout your home.

The system consists of a main router that connects directly to your service providers handoff/modem, and a series of satellite modules or pods, placed around your house for full WiFi coverage. They are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password which allows you to seemlessly transition through your house with all your wireless devices.

We offer an easy and advanced WiFi 6 solution to maximize your whole home wifi performance. 

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3 Ways to Boost & Optimize your WiFi Speeds

1. Make Sure Your Router Is Sufficient For Your Home's Square Footage.

Routers vary significantly in functionality and price. If you have a large house, you're likely better off with a mesh router system that can pair with "repeaters" that broadcast signals into the farthest reaches of your home. Smaller homes and apartments can generally get by with a simpler system. Your router systems quality is just as important as your internet connection itself!

2. Reduce The Number Of Connected Devices.

Multiple devices connected to the network will affect the WiFi performance. For each device using the internet, the bandwidth is divided between devices, distributing the speed. As a result, the more devices you have connected to your internet, the smaller portion of the WiFi is distributed to each device.

3. Make Sure Your Devices Have Good Wireless Signal.

Poor wireless signal to your router can make even the fastest internet connection feel like dial up. Make sure your router and pods are placed in open, central areas.  In addition, never place them in a cabinet or closet where signal can be obstructed.